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Don’t Delay Booking A Heathrow PCR Test

Before you travel, booking a PCR test at Heathrow airport should be amongst the first things to do on your trip itinerary. Whether you are looking to complete a test at the airport or at a testing centre in advance, be sure to do some fact finding into what kind of service is available, and which might work best for you.

Why You Should Book Your Airport PCR Test Early

Booking your test early can save you a signifcant amount of time and stress. Many travellers who fail to prepare in advance may find themselves failing to find a suitable timeslot or struggling to find the testing centre itself. Our advice and policy is always to be early wherever possible.

PCR Testing can also be done at the local health department when you visit their urgent care centres. If you visit your local health department about a respiratory disease, they will usually perform an evaluation and test a sample of your to determine if it is caused by a virus. You may be asked to return to the same health centre for a follow up appointment. However, this isn’t always possible since some health departments perform routine clinical testing on their patients to determine if you have an illness before sending them to an urgent care centre. Booking a PCR test at Heathrow airport should be done well in advance so that you don’t lose a time slot that fits with your schedule. Demand for testing is high during peak travel times.

If you have been exposed to someone with a common cold or the flu and you believe that you may have caught the virus in the process then you should get tested privately. You can do this by booking a PCR test at Heathrow or alternatively at another site in Waterloo. These tests can cost as little as £30 and offer results within short timescale to ensure that you can continue with your travel plans.

Protecting Yourself And Others

If you have received a positive result from a PCR test then you will need to make arrangements in order to self isolate. Whether you are at the airport or abroad, there are normally facilities in place where you can do so. If you are in any doubt about what the procedure is, contact your travel provider or the company that you booked your tests with in order to get further information about this issue.

PCR testing is in place to help to ensure that issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively. A number of studies and research from across the globe has proven that PCR tests are more effective than lateral flow tests. This is what makes them so important for major transport hubs and destinations. When you are making your final choice on which testing company to use. We suggest that you use a company which has a well established reputation as well as a coherent and well organised testing strategy in place. These steps will help give you the best chance of a safe and hassle free trip abroad.