Access to knowledge empowers people to learn and to be inspired.

MLA North East has made a commitment that in the course of the next five years our museums, libraries and archives will:

  1. Provide easy access to knowledge, information and inspiration for everyone
  2. Drive forward the knowledge society and the knowledge economy
  3. Support government targets on learning, social inclusion, regeneration and eServices
  4. Be the keystones of communities, responsive to local circumstance and needs
  5. Modernise all aspects of their services

MLA North East is supporting and enabling the delivery of key national programmes:

Renaissance in the Region
a £70 million programme up to 2006 which aims to revitalise England’s regional museums.

Framework for the Future
the Government’s 10 year vision for public libraries, backed by £3 million over three years, to promote reading and learning, encourage access to digital skills and services and tackle social exclusion.

Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Future
the 2004 report of the Archives Task Force, calls for new measures to broaden access to archives for all, including an online Archives Gateway.