What’s In Our Museums, Libraries and Archives?

Real Objects & Useful Information

Visit any of our 93 museums, 319 libraries or 42 archives and you will see that our sector is not just about museum objects, library books or ancient archives.

However the key purpose of our sector IS to collect, look after and make accessible to the visitor many millions of objects, books and unique documents.

Information about these collections is organised in such a way to help you find what you are interested in simply and quickly.

Catalogues & Collection Descriptions

Collection catalogues – card and electronic – Guides to the Collections, pamphlets and other finding aids are available in all our venues. Museums, libraries and archives in the North East are working very hard to make all our catalogues available online through the Internet – but with millions of items this will take some time.

Virtual Collections

In addition we are creating digital or virtual collections of what we have which can be seen from anywhere in the region and across the world. These electronic copies of objects, books, maps and memorabilia, original documents and photographs support the visitor’s interest as a researcher or a local or family historian.