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Proven Benefits of Country Living

For more than a century, people have been arguing over the proven benefits of living in the country. One such argument has a very scientific basis and is supported by numerous studies. For instance, a University of Michigan study showed that those who live in crowded urban areas are less able to retain information and control impulses. Additionally, people who live in cities often experience higher levels of air pollution than those who live in the country. These air pollutants are known to cause various mental and physical ailments.

The Advantages

One of the biggest reasons to live in the country is that it is more conducive to entrepreneurship and home-based businesses. The fewer people living in an area means that the pollution level is lower, which is beneficial for asthmatics and others with respiratory illnesses. In addition, crime rates are lower in rural areas, where neighbours are more likely to look out for one another. Additionally, cars are four times less likely to be stolen.

Another benefit of country living is its great benefits for health. Studies show that being outdoors regularly lowers heart disease risk, improves heart health, and lowers stress hormones. In addition to these, living in the country means more access to outdoor space and is associated with reduced pollution and a slower pace of life. Ultimately, all of these benefits make country living a good option for anyone who wants to live in a rural setting.

Another advantage of living in the country is that it offers more space for gardening. When you grow your own produce, you have fresher, chemical-free food at your disposal. Growing your own food also provides great exercise, and you’ll be more likely to cook meals from scratch. Besides fresher, healthier food, you’ll also have access to locally-grown superfoods. And of course, fresh-picked veggies and fruits taste great in the country!

Compared to city life, country living is a slower pace. Moreover, rural life is beneficial for your health and well-being. There’s hardly any argument against this because rural life offers much more space, open sky, and pristine scenery. And, what’s more, rural living is also more affordable than city living.

Final Words

Another benefit of living in the country is its secluded atmosphere. City living can be hectic and stressful. Country living, on the other hand, can help you reduce the stress that comes with city living. Further, there are no noisy neighbours that like to party every weekend, and you’ll have peace and quiet. This alone is worth the move.