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Benefits of Using a Small Electric Power Stacker Lift for Library Storage

An electric power stacker can be a great option for any business looking to transport or store stock high up and utilise all the space you’ve got. For a library, this can be an excellent way to transport and store boxes of books with minimal effort and risk involved. Here are some of the benefits of using a small electric power stacker lift for library storage.

Save on the Cost of Fuel

It’s no secret that the cost of fuel is unbelievably high at the moment, with no signs of becoming cheaper anytime soon. Due to this, oil fuelled stackers are far more expensive to run compared to electric power stacker lifts.

Less Maintenance

Following on from the previous point, manual forklifts need combustion to be able to operate effectively. This is not the case for electric power sticker lifts. This could mean that parts will not fall victim to wear and tear as easily as they would with a manual stacker. Electric power stackers do not require; oil, pistons, spark plugs, belts or catalytic converters. These are all elements that will eventually lose functionality and need to be replaced. This can be costly and may leave you without a power stacker for a number of days or even weeks. Electric power stacker lifts do not have any of these elements, which could save you thousands on the cost of repairs.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Due to the increase in “green technology” electric power stacker lifts are now eco-friendlier than ever before.

Gets the Job Done and Gets It Done Well

Electric forklifts can lift and transport up to 3,500 pounds of goods and can work just as well, if not better, than traditional gas fuelled forklifts. They can do all this and still be a great efficient and eco-friendly solution.

Increased Lifespan

A mixture of the improved quality of materials used to make an electric power stacker, along with the way it works, means that you may see an increase in the lifespan, compared to an oil powered stacker.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Of course, a power stacker lift may not be able to be used in the library itself – or at least not during opening hours. However, if used when the library is closed or in the storage area, they can actually reduce the risk of strain related injuries. Lifting and carrying heavy boxes of books can be extremely straining and can end up causing injury.