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Glasgow Dentist Shares the Facts About the History of UK Dentistry

You think going to the dentist nowadays is bad? At least your chances of surviving a dental visit are high. The same can’t be said about our poor ancestors. This article will highlight just how far dentistry has come, as well as why visiting a Glasgow dentist is safer than it has ever been.

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Why Do We Need to Go to the Dentist?

Unfortunately, our teeth cannot look after themselves. We know a lot more about our teeth than our ancestors did but with the rise of products that contain high amounts of sugar, it is more essential to visit the dentist than ever before. Sugar is strongly linked to cavities and tooth decay, which is a deadly combination for teeth.

Facts About the History of Dentistry

Dentistry has come a long way (thankfully), here’s how UK and Glasgow dentist practices used to take place;

Before Dental Licencing

Hundreds of years ago there were no licenced dentists, this lead to an extreme number of back-street dentistry. People would perform make-shift treatments with little-to-no knowledge of dental practices. Patients – who were fortunate enough to survive – were often left in serve pain and with horrific injuries. Nowadays, every Glasgow dentist needs to have qualifications and licences. Thank God for that!


In the 19th century, the only cure for toothache was to extract the tooth altogether. Tens of thousands of patients died due to botched removal jobs or horrendous infections due to improper sanitation.

No Anaesthetic

Lucky patients may have been given a drink of whisky before the procedures but for many, they weren’t so lucky. Torture chamber like tools used to be used in order to extract teeth, many would have endured jaw trauma during the gruelling procedure, all without anaesthetic. It’s difficult to imagine a life without pain relief, whether it be for a sore head, broken bone or tooth extraction. All I know is, I’m just glad we have it now!

Not Just a Dentist

Glasgow dentist back in the day weren’t just dentists. They were barbers and blacksmiths that did dentistry on the side. At the time that this was going on, there was very little knowledge and understanding of dentistry and even less about the biology behind it.

Visiting a Glasgow Dentist

If you don’t like visiting the dentist, then hopefully this article will make you feel a little better about it, knowing that dentistry has come such a long way in such a short space of time. Ensure you visit your Glasgow dentist twice a year and use proper dental hygiene and care techniques.