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How Archives And Museums Have Adapted To The Digital Age

Over recent years there has been significant noticeable change in the way archives and museums display their collections as well as setup their exhibitions due to the unique and new technology many organisations now have at their disposal overall. Some of the big changes we need to ask regarding this technology is was change required and has it benefited these organisations?

Museums And Archives Before 2000

Prior to the millennium many museums and archives had exhibitions designed using older computers for text and many static exhibits as well as posters and signs indicating to visitors what the exhibition was about. Whilst this was effective and engaging new technology that was to be implemented in the coming years was destined to change the way museums and archives were perceived overall.

One of the major downfalls of museums and archives around this time was a lack of interactive displays. Many displays and exhibitions were static as there simply wasn’t the technology yet to allow displays to become more interactive overall.

Another difference between museums in the present day and museums prior to the year 2000 is many lacked an online presence in the form of a website. This meant that the museum wasn’t as visible as most other places and would mostly be found by information brochures or through word of mouth. This meant the museums could have been missing out on a fairly considerable amount of traffic overall.

What Impact Did New Technology Have After The Year 2000?

Undoubtedly new technology had a significant and positive impact on museums and archives overall. One of the most significant changes that his brought about was the mass digitisation of millions of historical records worldwide. Doing this meant many records could become permanent and would need less maintenance as there were digital copies of them online.

As well as providing permanent records for many pieces of history the process of digitisation means in many cases exhibits as well as ancient documents can be viewed online . This has made a significant difference to the history world overall as it has allowed historians worldwide to share their research and studies and collaborate with museums far more easily.

Has Technology Had A Positive Impact On Museums And Archives?

Overall it can be stated that technology has had a positive impact on museums and archives overall. One of the greatest benefits that has come as a result of new technology has been the introduction of new technology into exhibitions. Interactive exhibits as well as digital displays and videos have helped to bring history to life and can also make it more interesting and engaging for people of all ages overall.

To conclude it can be stated that clearly technology has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on museums and archives as it has allowed for innovation and change. This has injected new life into these institutions and has allowed for more innovative ways to learn about history overall.Technology is likely to continue to play a significant role for many years to come