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List of Reasons Why it is Important for Young People to Read


Trying to get young people to read can be a bit of a struggle because they would rather be out with their friends or use their phones. By encouraging young people to read it can be beneficial in a number of ways. Our team at MLA North East believe it is important for young people to read and should try and read as often as they can. This is because when you read you can help yourself improve your language skills. Young people can benefit a lot more from reading as it helps improve school work, for example:

• Learn more
• Widen vocabulary
• Improve school work
• Increase concentration

Improved Learning  When You Read


When you read books you automatically pick up new words and phrases that you wouldn’t usually use. Young people benefit from this as when it comes to writing essays they are able to find a use for the new words they have learned. When reading books from a variety of writers you can pick up all kinds of new sentence structures. This improves writing abilities in young people as they are able to identify how to use the correct punctuation at the right time.

glasses on top of book open to read for young people



When reading,  your vocabulary improves each time. This is because you begin to pick up certain words and phrases. This is why it is important for young people to start reading more because it gives them a more expanded vocabulary. Having a broader vocabulary can help children in a number of ways from improving exam performances and writing in class and essays.


Young People can Improve School Work When They Read


Children can improve their school work by reading in a number of ways. The more books that you read, the more knowledge you will have. This is helpful for children as when they have more knowledge they can find class tasks a lot easier as they can deal with difficult language in essays.

young people book open in middle to read

Increased Concentration in Young People


When reading,  you need to be focused and able to concentrate. This helps younger people to be more concentrated during lessons. When children are focused they are able to learn more and engage in lessons without being easily distracted by what others are doing around them.