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New Employment Law Handbook by Seth Fogle

The Law Guide by Seth Fogle is a discussion guide that discusses the legal background and works of employment law. It contains advice on divorce, unemployment claims, and any other law related issues. Ethics will also be discussed in this handbook.

The Law Guide teaches about attorney-client privilege and the relationship between lawyer and client. It also shows the importance of the act of communication between attorney and client. In doing so, it contains information on how to prepare your legal documents, what attorney-client privilege is, and what the relationship between the lawyer and client is.

The handbook provides details about Unemployment Compensation and Reemployment Benefits (R.B.A.B). It explains how an unemployment benefit is payable and its purpose. It describes the requirements for receiving a claim for R.B.A.B. An illustration illustrates how it should be filled out and how a claim should be submitted. Additionally, the handbook explains about working and being away from work, as well as the working period and the time off entitlement.


Ethics includes the basics of employment law. It contains information on the meaning of discrimination, religious discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. There is information on how to file a complaint and how to seek compensation for victims of work place or sexual harassment.

Work product is described in the handbook, which states the rights of employees with regard to their own and their co-workers’ privacy. It also describes how to protect any confidential work documents, as well as how to provide benefits, payment, and privileges. Lastly, it defines and explains the concept of confidentiality, and explains how to handle any information that may become public due to breach of confidentiality.

This book contains information about the state of the law relating to workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. The handbook explains how it should be presented to the patient, how to be given to the patient, and what will happen if the doctor fails to do so. It explains what is covered under the worker’s compensation program, and what should be covered under the program.


Work Place and Sex Discrimination Law are discussed in this handbook. It provides information on how discrimination occurs in the workplace, including when an employer can discriminate. It also describes how to report a discrimination incident, how to prove discrimination, and what to do if you are a victim of discrimination.

The handbook shows you the legal rights and duties of an employee and employer, as well as legal responsibilities when it comes to employment. These are important facts to know when dealing with an employment issue. It also has information on specific questions that arise during employment issues, and it explains the implications of each question when an employment issue arises.