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Our Experience With Sterling Roofing

Recently here at MLA North East we had work undertaken on our buildings roof by glasgow roofing. In this article we will share our experience of dealing with this roofing company and what you should keep in mind when seeking roof repair or a new roof.

Why Was A Roofing Company Needed?

One of the first questions you might be thinking of asking is “why was a roofing company needed?” Well , recently our building has undergone significant storm damage as a result of increased high winds as well as strong rain and hail. This has led to multiple leaks as well as issues with the overall integrity of the roof itself.

This immediately led to us going online to find a roofing company to get in contact with in order to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently. One of the first and most detailed results that appeared in our search was Sterling roofing.

This roofing company offers some of the best quality work at fair and affordable prices. This was the main reason why we chose this company as our main contractor for getting our roof repaired and replaced with significantly more durable and newer roof.

What Are The Benefits To Having A New Roof Installed?

There are a range of benefits that can be enjoyed as a direct result of having a new roof installed.

  • Value- Having a new roof added to a building can help to add value to the property overall as it indicates it is being maintained and has been equipped with new materials.
  • Energy Effectiveness- Overall energy saving and efficiency can be improved as a result of having a new roof installed.
  • Health and Safety- New roofs provide better overall safety standards whereas damaged or old roofs can pose a significant health and safety risk
  • Visual effects- Having a new roof installed can help to greatly improve the overall look of a property making it look newer and well maintained.

Our Experience

Overall , we have had a very positive experience with our chosen roofing company. From when we made the inquiry right up to when work was undertaken we were kept in constant contact. This allowed for free flowing communication and any questions to be addressed.

The fact that communication was easy is essential , because fast and free flowing communication can make the entire process much more effective overall. Many other organisations lack this vital skill which makes them less appealing overall.

After initialling being contacted by the roofing company we agreed on a type of new roof as well as material. We found that a slate roof would be the best type of roof to best fit our needs overall. This was fitted quickly and affordably.


Overall to conclude it is clear that our experience was the best it could have been with Sterling roofing. Therefore we would recommend them to anyone else who is looking for roofing as well as roof repair.

Our advice would be to those looking for roofing , have a budget in mind and do thorough research prior to choosing a company.