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Paperbacks VS eBooks

Purchasing Digital Copies Is Cheaper

While there are still some advantages to purchasing physical copies of games, many people are choosing to purchase digital versions instead. For one thing, digital copies tend to hold their value better than physical copies. Sometimes, digital downloads are cheaper than physical copies, as the publisher does not need to pay a middleman. This also means that digital copies do not need to be discounted to be attractive to customers.

Hardcovers Have A Used-Book Market

There is a huge difference between eBooks and hardcover books. eBooks are often cheaper, but hardcover books are more expensive. There is also a paperback version of hardcover books. Typically, hardcover books are best sellers because they are popular and talk about a lot.

E-Readers Have Touch Sensitive Features

There are several pros and cons to both paperbacks and e-readers. Some are expensive, but the latter are more affordable. Some have touch-sensitive features, while others have none at all. However, both are excellent options for books. The Kobo Clara HD 6 e-reader has a six-inch e-ink display and touch-sensitive features. Another advantage of this device is that it automatically lowers the amount of blue light it emits. Blue light is known to trick the brain into thinking it’s daytime, which makes it harder to fall asleep.