Remote Control Golf Trolley
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Remote Control Golf Trolley-How Golf Has Advanced Through Time

Over recent years golf has a seen a fundamental shift in where its being played , by who and also the technology used within golf. Many years ago back when golf started originally there was just a golf bag , clubs a golf player and his caddy. However with the advent of new and ever changing technology. Now there is technology available such as the Remote Control Golf Trolley. This is essentially a trolley that can replace a caddy and carry your golf clubs over rough terrain and fairly long distances when golfing. These are extremely useful and versatile tools and are available from Power Cruise Golf

The Remote Control Golf Trolley

So what Is The Remote Control Golf Trolley, Its in essence an aid for Golfers to assist them in transporting their golf clubs longer distances. Its a lot more practical than having to rely on a caddy and normally batteries are rechargeable on these types of trolleys. The advantages of this type of trolley are as follows:

  • These types of trolleys are normally lightweight and can be easily carried
  • Electric trolleys are becoming increasingly affordable in the golf industry and are widely available
  • Can prove an invaluable help for more elderly golfers who may need assistance in carrying their clubs

What Impact Has The Remote Control Golf Trolley Had On Golf Overall?

The impact this device has had on the game is considerable. Increasingly gold buggies and trolleys are being seen more often on the courses and are widely accepted. Although professional golfers on television may stick to the traditional caddy the industry has certainly been changing over recent years in order to help meet players needs. It cold be argued that this is having a negative impact on golfing as it is taking away the need for a caddy. However this is not the case trolleys are seen as an additional tool that can be used for golfers nowadays and help overall to contribute to a positive golfing experience.

Golfing Tips

In addition to the information we found about Remote Control Golf Trolleys we have also compiled a list of some Golfing tips which you may find beneficial.

  • When hitting at the driving range , try and have a target to reach/hit or a distance to reach in mind. Hitting balls aimlessly will not improve your swing power or reach. Driving ranges can help hone your driving skills as well as ability to place the ball where you want to
  • Try using other clubs before focusing too much on the driver if you are a newer player. The Driver is probably the most difficult club to master and many younger players make the mistake of thinking they are poor at driving. It just takes a lot of time and practice
  • Work on your posture , when swinging turn your hips not your waist
  • Take more lessons to help improve your overall performance. These don’t have to be regular but feedback from a professional will greatly help you improve your overall performance.