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Sending A Child To Nursery In Glasgow For Their Education

If you’re considering sending your child to nursery for their education, it’s important to understand all of the possible factors. These factors can include school readiness, pre-existing conditions, and cost. You should also make an effort to find out more about the curriculum so you can better prepare for your child’s school experience. Whether you are sending your child to a public or private nursery in Glasgow, it is equally as beneficial to their education.

School Preparation

Parents often worry that their children won’t be ready for school or that they’ll end up redshirted. Recent studies have shown that age may be an important factor in school readiness. In a study by Brent and colleagues, age was the primary determinant of school readiness. However, the data also shows that redshirting rates have been increasing. While redshirting is an acceptable alternative for some children, it may not be the best option for every family.

Pre-existing Conditions

Delaying entry to nursery may have adverse effects for a child, though these effects may not manifest themselves until later in life. While a pre-existing condition might be an excuse for holding a child back, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on a child’s behaviour once they start school. Most behavioural problems don’t emerge until adolescence.


The Scottish Government will often fund parents up to 1,140 hours of early learning education a year if children are ages 3 or 4. However, nursery fees continue to vary between different locations and ages of children. In addition, if you opt for a private nursery, fees will be more and will depend on the hours that you send your child to nursery. Often, there are minimum hours that your child should be in education for per week.

IEP (Individual Education Plans)

If your child has special needs, an IEP may be necessary to provide them with a quality education. A good IEP includes several components, including accommodations for testing, instruction, and specialized services. These services may include occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and other professionals who can help your child achieve his or her educational goals. Your child’s IEP also requires accountability from parents and professionals. Annual reviews of the IEP must be conducted to ensure your child is meeting the educational goals set by the IEP.

Contacting The Nursery

┬áIf your child is about to begin nursery, you should contact the school to schedule a screening session. These sessions are meant to identify any special needs or challenges your child may have. They may also include a tour of the school. After the screening, you should meet with the school’s administrator and head of the nursery curriculum. These professionals can help your child prepare for nursery by offering support and guidance.